• You'll Remember Me Update

    Hello again, all!

    Mainly, this post is for the IHASF’ers still waiting for You’ll Remember Me. First off let me just apologize for the delay in getting it posted. I understand it’s hard waiting for it, especially when I did promise a happy ending for Keith and Lila in store. Thank you to everyone, both old and new fans who’ve maintained interest in the story and are still waiting patiently for me to get the first chapter or so up. Believe it or not, I have been busy brainstorming for it while working on In Loving Color. I guess my issue is that every time I think about it, a new idea comes to me that makes me want to go back and rethink everything I’ve brainstormed so far.

    Never fear though; I have begun work on it and set a personal goal for myself that You’ll Remember Me WILL be posted by at least the end of the spring/beginning of summer, so just BEAR WITH ME. All I ask is that you just keep an open mind for what I do intend on doing with it. In a lot of your final reviews for IHASF I saw some very specific requests for what to put/what not to put in the sequel. Not that I mind of course, and I value input/suggestions, but please try to trust me with what I start to write. Just try to keep in mind even if you don’t necessarily like/agree with what I do that ultimately Keith and Lila WILL be together, and that’s what’s most important, right?

    On that note, I’d like to turn my attention to my ILC’ers and just say thanks again for continuing to read. I say it a lot, but only because of how I feel about In Loving Color as a story. This may come as a surprise to a lot of my readers, especially given how much more popular IHASF is, but ILC is actually my favorite out of the three I’ve published on Fiction Press. I know most of you want to see the continuation of Keith and Lila’s story ASAP, but Derrick and Charmayne's is just as (if not more) important to me to finish telling, so try to understand my persistence in wanting to stay mainly focused on ILC at the moment. I definitely appreciate all the support for IHASF, but ILC pushes a lot of limits that as an author I’ve loved to explore so it’s special in its own way for me.

    Thanks to everyone for their support of my writing; you guys really make this whole thing rock.

    Sable Queenie


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