• The Method to My Madness

    Hello again, all! I figured that after most of the reactions to A Good Name is Forever, the last chapter of You'll Remeber Me, I'd better do something to try and address all of your concerns about it. So I started to, then realized it was getting too long for a small Author's Note, so then I just decided to make it into a blog post here since I can have all the room I need without taking away from the latest chapter I just posted.


    So, let's just get the chief critique out in the open first: Mariko's backstory. A Good Name is Forever was written from Keith's POV, but focused chiefly on Mariko's history with Takahashi and the reason why she has a shaky relationship with him and her now deceased father. Some of you said you really liked reasding about the detailed history, while more of you were disappointed that the chapter seemed dedicated to her and not the central story of Keith and Lila. And I get it, really I do understand why my choosing to write the chapter this way would seem strange. I guess I had two reasons for doing it; number one, because as all of you are probably aware by now, I am obsessed with detail. I hate, hate HATE two dimensional characters, even the secondary ones. Especially secondary ones, really, since I believe that secondary characters need to serve more of a purpose than to just set up the plot for the main ones. We don't need to know the life story of every single secondary character, but in this case, I felt that Mariko needed to be more than just a sexy, smart-ass business woman in a suit since (at least for the first half of this story), she's the character Keith has the most contact with now. His life and what's going on around him has to consist of more than just pining after Lila, especially given that at this point, it's been 2 years since they've seen each other. Keith doesn't have an interest in very much of a personal life (unless flying Lila-look-alike strippers to Tokyo counts as a personal life), so he has to be willing to let other things such as work serve as a distraction. Reason number two is that there is a method to my madness. I'll be repeating this again towards the end of this blog post, but I'm going to write it a second time up here just to drive the point home:

    There IS a method to my madness.

    Some of you were blantantly honest in saying that you thought A Good Name is Forever was a waste of a chapter, that it was boring and just a space filler that could've been better used in another way. I'll admit that after putting time in that hefty chapter, these reviews didn't make me feel so great, but I didn't really take it personally. However, to that I will say this:

    Guys, I'm a woman in her mid 20's with a full time job who likes to attempt to have a social life here and there (which often equates to never). I have very little (sometimes next to no) time to myself-- do you really think I'd be using that time to write an 8,000 word chapter that had NOTHING to do with the main plot/point of getting Keith and Lila back together? You may still not have cared for the chapter (which is totally fine), but if you still have any doubts about whether or not it was unnecessary, I can tell you those doubts are going to be put to rest. As I said in IHASF when an entire chapter was dedicated to the deal NASDAQ made with Mariko, the business chapters have an important part to play in the plot the same way the dramatic ones do. The Yeoh tech merger with China, Mariko's father dying, finding out why/how she and Takahashi have a sordid history, they ALL are going to play a part in getting Keith back in the same hemisphere as Lila. Ordinarily I wouldn't be so alluding to future plot devices, but since I got so much backlash for this last chapter, I wanted to make you guys feel better about it; these detailed plot points with the Japanese people are in fact the ONLY reasons why Keith is going to get to see Lila again. When you're 6,000 miles away from someone for two years, you don't just suddenly decide to see them again for no reason (especially if you're Keith Cordae)-- life's circumstances (in this case otherwise known as Sable Queenie's keyboard) have to create the circumstances and mechanics building up to a decision to go back to where you came from. It may seem like a slow process, and at times seem confusing as to why you're getting so much detail about secondary characters, but it doesn't mean it's unnecessary, and it especially doesn't mean it's a waste of a chapter. Just bear with me, and remember, all will reveal itself in time...

    Which brings to me another point; this time about Keith and Lila. I know 7 chapters over a 6 month period doesn't seem like much, and I really do apologize that I'm not as fast as other authors when it comes to updating. I know it's been tedious waiting for the two of them to reunite, and believe me i'm just as impatient as you are. That being said, I need you guys to try to remember that the same way getting two people on opposite sides of the globe reunited is difficult, actually getting them back together is going to be just as complex. This isn't to say that there's going to be a sequel to the sequel, or anything crazy like that (the reunion actually isn't that far off ;)), I just don't want some of you to expect them to just get back together as soon as the reunion happens, because that's not what's going to happen. Seeing each other again doesn't trigger a 'fix all' switch for Keith and Lila's relationship; they actually have to get around to being in a relationship again. This will make more sense when we get there, but I just wanted to prepare some of you more ansty Keila readers for what's to come and how it'll roll out. Both of them still have growing to do that will continue even after they've seen each other again, Lila especially. There've been some valid critiques about her dependency on men throughout both stories, and I fully plan on breaking her of that before she decides to reconcile with Keith. Again, you just have to be patient and let the plot unfold itself, and all will be revealed.

    Please don't think this blog was a lashback at readers who viewed A Good Name is Forever negatively. I really, really don't take critcisms of my work personally (honestly I'm one of my harshest critics). I just wanted to let you guys know where I was coming from in deciding how to write it, and hopefully make you feel a little better about what's to come in the story. Said it before, and I'll say it again: there IS a method to my madness. There's also a reason why it took me 4 months to even begin YRM; I brainstormed my ass off in planning this story. I know exactly how I want it to play out, and as I've said before, it's an ending I know everyone will be pleased with as far as Keith and Lila are concerned. You just have to trust me, all right?

    Whew. There, done. Now if you haven't already, go read the latest chapter of You'll Remember Me!


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