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    Happy month of March, everyone! I hope the past two months have been pleasant for all of you, I wish I could say it's been an easy time for me, but alas real life has attacked me and made things insane...

    So that being said, I know you guys get impatient with me when it comes to updating IHASF. You're more than entitled, of course. In retrospect 1-2 months does seem a long time to wait for one chapter. So now that another has been posted and it's time to wait until the next one gets posted, let me just thank you again for understanding and still continuing to read and review. When I first decided to post this story on Fiction Press I didn't know if anyone would even be interested in reading it, much less consistently review, so for those of you that do, I love you. Really.

    Hokay, so now that we have reached a certain point in the story where drama and tensions are running high, let me just say how fun it's been to read your reactions to Keith's Lila's and now, Victor's actions. I've got to be honest, it's been interesting for me to read how some people that review have viewed him sympathetically at some point, only to end up viewing him as the (as one reader said) "complete and utter jackass" he is now lol. Even though there are more twists to come that I can't reveal, I will say that thinking up him as said jackass is completely founded. MUCH more's to come where that's concerned...

    I also loved how one reviewer pointed out Lila's naivete in being unwilling to believe Jason's sketch of Victor's character (or lack thereof). While at times it's been sweet, Lila's naivety will in fact prove to be a stumbling block for her. What can I say, teenagers don't know everything after all lol.

    About 'Josephine', the mysterious caller at the end of Keith's section, let me just put your minds at ease by revealing that she is NOT an ex-lover of Keith's or any kind of future temptation for infidelity on his part. Far from it. All will be revealed about her in the next chapter or two.

    So, for those that haven't reviewed, or might have more to say about them than what they initially wrote, what did you like the most about the past two chapters? Humor me and just shoot off about anything ;)

    Sable Queenie


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This is my more personal way of talking to you guys about the stories, myself or whatever else you want. Though I'm pretty sure you only interested in the stories, which is fine by me.

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