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    It's been a while since I've done a blog post, so I figured I'd do one today after updating IHASF, even if it doesn't get read/replied to lol. However ever now and then I'll get questions about updating here, so I know some of you guys at least come to check this website, so if you feel like interacting/talking about the stories with me, here's a really good way to do it :)

    With my last few updates I've been getting some questions about how long IHASF is going to end up being. I totally understand this question, since the story is now almost 30 chapters and over 200,000 words (sheesh). I love that I've been able to be detailed with this story and retain readers, though I realize that dragging it on forever would try all of your patience. No worries; this isn't going to be one of those stories that are 50-60 chapters. Not to bash ones that are (I've actually read some fantastic ones on both FP and Fanfiction.net that are that long), however, IHASF is reaching what I'd consider to be the climax of the story and after that is gonna start inevitably concluding things. While there's still a chunk left, if I had to give an estimate I wouldn't say the number of chapters is going to go beyond a mid to high 30's number. To be honest though, it might seem like less than that as you read because of the drama of what's going to be going down. Expect things to start getting VERY drastic in the rest of the chapters to come ;)

    Which brings me to the main point of discussion for this post as well as my question to all of you guys; what has been your favorite moment so far in In His Arms She Fell? It can be happy or sad, just a part in the story that had the biggest effect on you either negatively or positively. For example, speaking for myself, I have to say that writing the part in More Important where Franklin comes to tell Lila that Keith isn't going to be there for her birthday was rough. Especially since (unlike Lila) I knew that Keith really did care about missing it :(

    I'd loooove to know yours, so lemme hear em :)


    • 1. Jun 22 2012 6:54AM by Wandering Reader

      I haven't commented your stories for a while since I'm also in the processing of personal healing after going thru a rough time...But to answer your question here:

      - My favorite would have been the one wherein Keith realizes how much he loves Lila. Simple yet it deserves the sweet 'bone-chilling' moment for me. Not all guy would have the sincerity to admit it. Yes, everyone can admit it but not everyone is serious about it. For them, it's just words and feelings but with Keith....aawwww....

      Looking forward on how you will end this story. It's just sad that Lila fell unto Victor's trap. Also, I tell you something....THIS IS WAY MUCH BETTER THAN FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Read it and was good....but you and some other writers in Fictionpress are MUCH BETTER! Kudos!

      Please update soon!

    • 2. Jun 22 2012 1:27PM by Sable Queenie

      Well hi there, you!

      It's been a while since I've heard from you on the stories, so it's great to hear from you! I definitely understand how life can get stressful though, so I sincerely hope whatever you're dealing with ends up turning out all right. Thanks so much for taking a moment away from it to read/comment on IHASF also :)

      I really liked writing the part where Keith realizes he's in love with Lila too. It felt like it was a long time in coming so it was so good to FINALLY be able to put the words in writing for him and know it was genuine.

      I haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey books, but I have heard of them, so it's so nice of you to say that you like IHASF better! Definitely an encouraging thing to hear as an author :-)

      Thanks again so much for continuing to stick with the story and take care,

      Sable Queenie

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